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Important Facts about stills:
Pot stills produce 40% to 60% Alcohol By Volume! They to DO NOT a very good job of removing impurities. These are the copper abeyant stills.

Stainless Steel Stills DO NOT do a good job of removing impurity and leave a foul oily taste even after carbon filtering.

With our Triple Stills you will get out-put percentages of  85% to 92% You will make the cleanest alcohol that can be made.

With our Triple Still it traps impurities that all other stills put in your alcohol. Just look at what was trapped in the thumpers after a run.
Triple Moonshine Still
Look how well The Triple Still Removes and traps these impurities.
You can see the yellow foul looking alcohol that is in the thumpers. Other stills leek these impurities into your spirit.

The Pot Stills and the Stainless Stills DO NOT Remove The Fusil Oils and Carcinogens.

I will not drink from any other still. I don't care how cool the still looks.
I care how good the alcohol is!

(Weekends Not Included)
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Have you wanted to distill your own sprits with a moonshine J. Edgar Hoverstill but have been worried about how to do it?

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Investing in a moonshine still and not being able to make
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Not having anyone to ask important questions?

Someplace to go when you are having trouble and do not know how to solve the problem?

Advice on new exciting spirits to make?

Not knowing what type of moonshine still you need?

If you have wondered about any of the questions, Our Unit is the best choice.
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We build a quality Unit that will never make you sick and you will enjoy for rest of your life.

Get the moonshine still that make superior spirits with full training and support.


Online Users

Al Capone Moonshiner


When you look at a moonshine still or a whiskey still you should look at the performance. Not how cool it looks!

If you have never distilled before some thing very important to look at is the availability of support. With out the proper instruction, recipes and support you could be wasting hundreds of dollars and valuable time on failed batches.

With every Moonshine Still, Alcohol Still, Whiskey Still we sell, we offer not only the most detailed instructions but
One-On-One Phone Support.

You get More Mash Recipes, Instructions, Support than any other place that sells Distillation Units!



Infusing natural flavor, It is better to infuse natural flavor rather than adding it after distilling. When you infuse flavor during distilling you get a clear spirit.

How does infusing natural flavor work?
Well the flavor is separated by a reaction with the alcohol vapor and carried to the condenser. This action with the alcohol releases and separates only the flavor, you do not get any particles of the fruit or spices.

Our twin thumpers with our moonshine stills do a magnificent job of cleaning all the impurities, separating and adding the natural flavors you desire.

Adding natural flavor after distilling has been done for many years, it work but not as well as infusing.

We will use raspberries as a example.

You will put the hooch in a 1 quart mason jar, add about 25 to 30 raspberries and close the lid tight on the jar. Let it set for a few weeks and then remove the raspberries. They will be almost a white color. The Hooch will be a light pink color.

You can drink it now, but I would recommend poring it through a coffee filter before consuming. Even after it has gone through a coffee filter it will still have a light pink color to it. This means you have particles from the raspberries still in the spirit. Over time they well settle to a sediment on the bottom of the jar. This could take years.

Just wait a few weeks and you will be drinking gunk and junk left over from the old raspberries.

When you infuse flavor you will never have to wait. It will always be full of flavor and ready to enjoy. Crush up 6 to 8 raspberries, put them in the turbo thumper and out comes excellent raspberry flavored spirits. No wait, no particles and clean clear crisp.

Check out the video of infusing natural flavor on the moonshine stills page

That is why our moonshine stills are the best choice.

How The Thumpers Work

Not all moonshine stills have a thumper and we sell the only moonshine still with two thumpers.

The thumpers have several important functions. First off they increase the percentage out of the unit by redistilling.

The alcohol vapor condenses in the bottom of the thumper, this captures impurities. As the hot steam flows through the thumper it re-vaporizes it, leaving behind the heaver impurities the new re-vaporizes alcohol is cleaner and moves on to the next thumper where the hole process is repeated. Giving you the cleanest spirits anyone could ever make. Every time the alcohol cools and condenses into a liquid and is re-vaporized it becomes purer, higher percentage and cleaner.

The better the quality of the hooch the better taste and the better it is for you.

The Basics of Distilling

What distilling is: The separation of different chemicals by temperature.

So let talk about alcohol. Alcohol is made by fermentation. Fermentation is when yeast eats sugar it excretes alcohol as a waist. When all the sugar is eaten the yeast die.

Yeast can survive in a alcohol environment of 12% alcohol by volume to 23% alcohol by volume (ABV). Each type of yeast has maximum tolerances depending on the ABV.

A common bakers yeast will survive from 12% to 14% ABV. This means that the maximum Alcohol can be made by fermentation is 12% to 14% with that type of yeast.

If bakers yeast is used and you ferment to 10% ABV the basic yield would be 10% of the amount you fermented. Let say you made a 5 gallon batch, You would get 10% of 5 gallons or .5 gallons or 1/2 gallon.

Turbo Yeast has a very high tolerance to alcohol up to 23% ABV before the alcohol content kills the yeast.

If Turbo yeast is used and you ferment to 20% ABV the basic yield would be 20% of the amount you fermented. Let say you made a 5 gallon batch, then you would get 20% of 5 gallons or 1 gallon of alcohol.

Next the distillation of the fermented mash. Alcohol at sea level separates and turn to a vapor at 172 Degrees. But bear in mind that there are other factors here that will change this separation temperature. Water and dead yeast hulls. Water vaporizes at sea level at 212 degrees. So by combining the water, alcohol and yeast hulls you get a more realistic temperature of 182 to 184 degrees. This is when the chemical reaction takes place and the alcohol vapor separates. The vapor has to be condensed back into a liquid to make alcohol. Depending on the distillation unit and how pure it will make the alcohol. 

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